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While losing your teeth can take a toll on your oral health and overall well-being, it can also affect your self-image. For all these reasons, it’s important to speak with a skilled and experienced dentist about all your options for the replacement of missing teeth. Whether you receive fixed bridgework, dentures 60103, or dental implants, we can help you to reestablish the complete smile and highly functional occlusion you deserve. At Bartlett Dental Associates we will customize your care to achieve aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting treatment outcomes. We’ll keep you informed and at ease throughout the process of designing your treatment plan and will be happy to answer any questions throughout the course of care.

Tooth loss can be attributed to a number of factors, including periodontal disease, traumatic injury and tooth decay. According to studies, across the United States alone, 160 million adults are missing at least one tooth and 36 million are completely edentulous. Moreover, the prevalence of tooth loss is shown to increase with age, with 27% of people over 65 missing all their teeth. While these statistics are high, thanks to advances in care there are three effective options for rebuilding a complete smile, including dentures, fixed bridges, and dental implants. For many patients, dentures continue to offer a functional, attractive, and satisfying way to replace missing teeth. Designed as a set of artificial teeth in a supportive acrylic base, dentures are custom fit to sit precisely atop your gums. With a full denture, we can replace a complete set of upper or lower teeth, or just a few missing teeth with a partial denture. Once your dentures 60103 are fabricated, you’ll be able to once again enjoy all your favorite foods, speak with ease and smile with confidence. You can rest assured that your smile is in the best of hands at our office, our friendly, caring team will help you adjust to wearing your new dentures and take the time discuss proper denture maintenance. In some cases, dental implants can be placed to stabilize your customized over denture, eliminating the need for denture adhesives.

At Bartlett Dental Associates, we offer leading-edge solutions to replace missing teeth and improve your quality of life. We utilize the highest quality technology, approaches and materials to design and fabricate your dentures 60103. To learn more about denture care or to schedule an appointment, call today.

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